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Chairman: Mr. A. Damstra
My name is Anne Damstra, I am married and the father of four children. In my day to day life I work for the local government. I am also part of the leadership team of the Evangelische Gemeente Zeewolde ( Evangelical Church of Zeewolde).
Erik and Esther, the founders of Fountains of Joy, are a wonderful couple with a passion for Jesus and compassion for the widows and orphans . I fully support the vision of this wonderful foundation and am glad to be a part of it as chairman.
Secretary: Mr. T. Bos
I am Thijs Bos, 29 years old and married to Judith. In everyday life I work as a transport planner at an international transport company. I have witnessed the foundation grow from the very beginning, been on mission trips to Uganda and was involved at the first Dutch conference. Being part of the board, I would like to contribute to the growth of the foundation, making sure the good work of Fountains of Joy will remain in the future.
Treasurer: Mr. R. Noort
I was born in 1966 and have been married to Els since 1988, my best friend for life!  We have two wonderful children. In day to day life I work as a controller for World Vision, an international aid organisation. I consider it a privilege to be part of the board of Fountains of Joy and to be a part of the vision of the foundation: pointing people to Jesus and offering practical help to people who need it. It is this very combination which is so powerful. The founder of the organisation where I work shared the following phrase: “Let your heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God”. God is so compassionate about people! It is this compassion which causes me to want to be involved with Fountains of Joy and to keep the vision ( dream )  clear. It is my prayer that the work of Fountains of Joy will bring joy into the lives of many people!