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National Projects

Basket of Hope

As a foundation we want to do something for the people in our own home-town Zeewolde.
We have a desire to hand out a basket filled with food and beverages, to those people where a perk isn’t rule, but an exception.

We handed out our first basket July 22 2014 and since that time we handed out a 'Basket' every month. Thanks to the gifts we received we even could hand out two 'baskets' in November.

You also can sponsor a 'Basket of Hope' by yourself, by donating money on our account and your money will go for 100% to this project.

"Fountains of Joy" right in our living room, when we received the "Basket of Hope"! Lots of love, God is a God of provision and "Fountains of Joy" is able to really present this! We face big challenges in our lives. We had just prayed: Lord, how are You going to provide in our impossible situation and in these financial steps of faith, when we cannot even pay our bills and when we don't know how and what we have to eat this week. Right at right moment we received the "Basket of Hope". God is a God of Hope! Even in the impossible. Please support Fountains of Joy, so they can fulfill the plan of God, by handing out these baskets. It has helped us, truly blessed us... and also encouraged us spiritually.